Advantages and Disadvantages of Asp.Net Core core advantages and disadvantages

The ASP.NET Core has multiple benefits like lightweight, ability to use Gulp, Bower and Yeoman can be developed using a variety of text editors like Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, Atom, Sublime Text. Few main benefits are discussed below.

Advantages of .NET Core

Platform Independent

To overcome the problems faced by developers to deploy to a Linux machine or a Mac machine. ASP.NET Core has been made platform independent. The developed application can be deployed on any operating system – windows, mac or Linux. The framework used to run the application is packed with the deployable files  so that it does not depend on the framework installed in the system to run. To enable the developers to use any operating system to develop the applications, Microsoft has launched the Visual Studio Code, which is visual studio code that has many of the functions offered in Visual Studio but is extremely light weight.


Middleware and Dependency Injection

Dependency Injection is vital when developing  big application to maintain loose coupling between  classes and to provide  separation and concern  and most importantly the ability to unit test easily  ASP.NET Core has integrated the dependency injection into the framework. Using many third party tools, the unit test  can be done effectively.



A big or we can say clever step by Microsoft to make the  ASP.NET Core open source. The entire framework sources and packages can be found on the github site and the participation of developers  for the major features of the features of the ASP.NET tools, middlewares and third-party applications  that support the development  is getting larger by the day. Since its open source, the developer community is also getting better and the documentation is constantly being updated so beginners don’t have to spend much time searching where to start.

Disadvantages of .NET Core

Documentation and Tools

The documentation of ASP.NET Core is not great when compared to other development technologies. It is being updated very frequently and any gaps present are being filled actively by Microsoft and other contributors for the project. Still, when trying to develop an application and trying to find the root cause of exception could be a little tricky because there is constant update in the documentation and in framework.



The features that are packed inside ASP.Net Core is very useful and the fact that it is open source and platform independent attracts and reliable many developers to begin with it. It is super fast and very simple too. Since most of the business look for different ways to developing an app fast and even launch it in entire market faster as much they can, ASP.NET Core development is considered to be the best way to do it.
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